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Ok everything you’ve heard before about home solutions for carpet cleaning forget it! Here at Steamboss at the Gold Coast… of course we have top of the line equipment to get any carpet cleaning job done to perfection… however! You probably do not!

Does anybody really need 17 homemade carpet-cleaning solutions and 45 different materials??? Not anymore!!

So we are here today to de-clutter everything you’ve heard before about how to clean carpet stains with home remedies and you will not believe the answer is so simple. Well there’s two tricks that will more than likely leave your draw dropped to the floor and impressed with the perfect outcome.

Please read the whole article (it’s short) so you don't miss anything important. And click on through to this article on “Worlds Best List Of Home Pest Control Remedies”

Let's Go

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Problem #1 – Carpet Stains are Common for Us We Need A Fast Solution

Ok no worries so carpet stains can be a big issue for some commercial premises like pubs, restaurants, hotels, motels and even cinemas these days with people having the luxury of a glass of wine while viewing!

Now, no one wants to start a day at their commercial property (or home) with big dirty wine stains in the carpet but having the staff bend down and scrub it out tirelessly time and time again during operational hours really is not the ideal solution, correct?

So, the fastest and most affordable way for any commercial property to treat a carpet stain like this immediately, and of course this also works at home, is the salt and soda recipe! In fact, it’s not even a recipe it’s just 2 ingredients. First Douse the stain in a mound of salt. Second, douse the salt generously with cold soda water from the fridge. And last suck it all up with a wet/vac. You can buy wet-vacs for about $100 at Bunnings! The other materials you can easily keep on store at your property.

Your carpet should look like new again. This old carpet cleaning solution will also have you showing it off to your friends at your next oops moment at your next house party 

Problem #2 – Quick Stain Removal Process For Sofa, Rug or Carpet Spill at Home

This solution will knock your socks off. The easiest solution in the world that was sitting right under our noses the whole time! Try this next time you spill red wine at home.

Grab a clean container and fill it with COLD water with a little detergent in it. The solution should be basically the same sudsy consistency as your dishwashing water. Then just use a clean sponge scrubber. You know the ones with the yellow sponge and the green scouring pad? Yeah grab a CLEAN one of those. Now dunk the sponge in the solution and go to town agitating the stain, occasionally rinsing off the sponge and getting some clean suds. Pat dry and if you really wanted to you could fan dry it but I’ve never had an issue just leaving it to dry and always had a great outcome.

Piggy Bank

Problem #3 - I Really Have Zero Money And Just Need My Carpet To Be “Professionally” Clean

Almighty then, quite a common problem really among students particularly when they are simply handing over their dorm room to another tenant while transitioning out. No money, plenty of time available and willing to do what’s needed to get the job done for the new tenant.

If you need an invoice as evidence of the professional work completed for a real estate then this solution won’t work for you so you are possibly wasting your energy doing it and should contact your real estate agent or call a professional.

Now, this solution is not ideal it’s just a little support for someone in a desperate situation and you need a little guidance on how to do a larger section of carpet when you don’t have access to expensive materials or a professional carpet cleaning service.

It’s really quite simple, you need to wash it and dry it again. So you can use a similar approach to problem #1 where we used a sponge and some COLD water with detergent. See problem #1 above for the detail. The difference however is that you have a larger area of carpet flooring to cover not just a stain. So they main hurdle is finding an applicator that allows you to apply the solution firmly across the large area and agitate it effectively. You can either do this meticulously with a small sponge or a better way if you have one available is to use a window-washing buffer. You know the fluffy tool window washers use? Maybe you have one… ensure its clean. Dunk it in the cold-water solution, drain a little so you don’t saturate the carpet and wash firmly. Again, we aren’t recommending this solution in place of a professional and it may go against your tenancy contract so check this first but it may help some.

Once the washing has been done use clean dry towels to dry the area really really well or use a wet/vac of course if you have one handy. You do also need to read the next paragraph regarding moisture, mould and managing that so it doesn't become a problem.

electric fan

Problem #4 – IMPORTANT Potential Issues When Using Wet Solutions To Clean Carpet Stains

Ok, so not to be alarmist but just something you should be conscious of is that wet carpet can breed mould ok? So if you really wet the carpet in the process you should really ensure that it dries properly which you can achieve multiple ways:

  • Avoid over-saturating the carpet
  • Press a dry towel against the area once finished cleaning it
  • Use a fan and blow it at the area. This may be a good idea particularly if it’s hot weathered where you are.
  • If you think you need a more drastic solution you may need to pull away a skirting board off the wall and pull up the carpet to dry beneath and then pat dry and blow from underneath.
  • Or use a wet/vac or steam cleaning machine to suck up the moisture.

The problem with moisture that sets in is that YES it can cause mould and the bigger issue with that is that mould can’t be cleaned. Its not dirt it actually eats into the fibres so those stains may improve in appearance after a carpet cleaning service however they can also come right back.

Notebook and Pen

Summary Of Equipment For Any Problem

Now you are able to be the carpet stain cleaning master of your domain. To commence your quest in upholding these obligations moving forward you would need the following tools to remain flexible in your craft 

  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Bulk salt
  • Soda Water in the fridge
  • A window washing tool (good to have anyway, grab a squeegee while you are at it!)
  • Clean towels
  • Clean sponge/scrubbers

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